Nelene Flemming

Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Mentor, Meditation Teacher, Shift-maker.

“In a moment of surprise, we discover something so powerful, so beyond our persona, we cannot believe it is a part of us. In truth, we are part of it.” – Rabbi T Freeman

Have you been asking yourself:

  • Who I am in truth?
  • What am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What do I want?
  • What does the Universe want?

The questions above are heart-burning questions within each individual who know there is more to us, and more to life.

We were born into this world with a pure soul, filled with God-given talents and gifts. We are already filled with light, love, and the richness of life.

Our journey on earth deviated from our true being due to our early teachers and how they were conditioned to fit the same mould. Our teachers (parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles, and teachers), told us how to live life, and that was to fit in with the norm. Our early teachers guided us to make fear-based decisions instead of love-based decisions. I am creating awareness of this from a place of respect and understanding, because they only taught us what they knew.

We have been taught to gain more intellectual knowledge, for intellectual knowledge will bring freedom, fulfillment, success, and happiness.

This is the journey I followed for 37 years of my life and then I reached a door, and I didn’t have the key to open to door.

My whole life collapsed again and was ready to take my own life. I had enough, I had severe burnout and did not have the energy to start all over again. This happened in December 2019.

Before December 2019, my life story looked like this:

    • Loss of a wonderful grandfather
    • Loss of hockey friends
    • The trauma of an accident on our way to the National Hockey tournament
    • Shattered dreams
    • Wrist dislocation
    • Hurt and pain from romantic relationships that did not work out
    • Business success, but Spiritual emptiness
    • Severe burnout
    • Depression

I just had enough.

I was in such a dark and helpless place, and I did not know how to get out of that hole.

God, Bailey, my Great Dane, family support, intuitive guidance, trusting my inner guide, self-knowledge, and energy healing helped me to work through this downfall and to see light, for the first time in my life.

Today, I know exactly what was the missing key on my journey: Self-knowledge.

“Intellect takes you to the door, but it doesn’t take you into the house.” Hafez

Self-knowledge is the key to have:

  • Oneness with God.
  • Trust your inner guide and your decisions.
  • To experience the richness and abundance of life.
  • To feel joy, see the beauty in everything.
  • Love unconditionally.
  • Have harmony in your whole being.
  • Align your life and bring everything into balance.
  • To feel alive.
  • Be authentic through-out your whole being.
  • To say ‘no’ and let go of what is no longer serving your Highest Good.
  • To embrace darkness as a season of rejuvenation and growth.

I would love to walk alongside your journey to be your guide, healer, and mentor.

“We are stars wrapped in skin, The light you are seeking has always been within.” – Rumi

Here is how I can help you to remember who you are:

Nelene helped me during a really dark time in my life. She helped me find happiness and the joy for life again. Throughout the journey I learnt many new things about myself. I remembered what mattered most in my life. Nelene helped learn how to be my best self and grow into a confident, self loving and accepting young woman. I’m growing into my own skin as I continue to find out more about myself each day, and learn to accept that which I cannot change.


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