Anita Engelbrecht

Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Life Transformation Coach, and Writer

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  ― Mahatma Gandhi

Any animal lover will tell you that their animal is just the best, the cutest and the smartest of them all. Animals have been a part of most of our lives whether as a pet, a companion animal or have been enjoyed in their wild natural habitat from a tourist’s point of view. Many have been well taken care of while others have unfortunately, been exposed to horrific treatment and abuse. Animals and humans alike need to feel loved, to belong and be cared for. This is a fundamental part of being alive and without this, we suffer immeasurable damage. Without love, care and attention, both humans and animals can develop behavioural problems, illness and death.

My life started to change in 2009 when I was at a point where it just didn’t make sense anymore.

Why was I put on this earth?

What is my purpose?

My work wasn’t satisfying; my relationship was more like being roommates than fulfilling. I felt incomplete and distraught.

I felt that there must be more and I started to search for it in any place possible. In 2011 I found my first life coaching course and that’s when things began to change in a major way. I couched for a year when things changed again and life took me on a whole new path, or better yet, decisions I made sent me on a new journey. It’s like Joseph Campbell’s documentary “a hero’s journey”, you get a call to adventure from God, the Universe, you go through trials and difficulties, and you return, just to be called for your next adventure.  Growing spiritually is not easy; it’s a roller coaster ride of note!

The love for animals was always there, either through work or the love of photography and this journey is what led me to this work. Seeing and experiencing animal abuse first hand made me follow a sometimes lonely road but fulfilment came when I could communicate and start helping animals in need.

As an animal communicator the feelings and thoughts of the animal comes to me in different ways. It can be a feeling that comes up, a colour or a full sentence in many cases.

I’ve always had an affinity towards and loved animals since I was very young, growing up with all sorts of animals. My most memorable encounter was with a leopard in Kruger National Park when I was ten years old. Just looking at each other through the fence in one of the camps, she growled, turned around, walked away and looked at me again before another growl and off she went. No, it wasn’t a dream! I’ll never forget that day!

Then, when I was much older I was sitting with an adopted stray dog thinking, what could his name be and there it came, “my name is Toffie”! Wow!! And then this journey became even more intense as I was certain that there was something there! I can really understand them! Since then I have been making an effort to use every chance I get to connect with animals. Even with a rhino who told me she was three months pregnant.

There are times when animals are hurt and injured, when they get the needed medical care, but their mind and soul is still out of balance. We now offer a practice of healing, care, and love to help those animals on a soul and spiritual level to complete the recovery process!

I hold a National Diploma and B-Tech degree in Veterinary Technology, multiple Certifications in Life Transformation Coaching and did several Animal Communication courses by Jenny Shone and Lerinda Ellis. I also hold a Certificate in Animal Behaviour (wildlife) from The Centre of Applied Pet Ethology, South-Africa (COAPESA) with the aspiration of doing their Diploma in due course.

Now, with the help of Solomonic Vortex Balancing, I can help and heal so many more animals. The feedback from the animals and clients are amazing! Combining the healing with communication completes and deepens the holistic process.  We are all one with God, our creator and it is with His loving healing power that I do my magic. I am by no means perfect and sometimes perfectly critical of myself but I am human and would love to help you and your pet enjoy a better, healthier, fulfilling life!

Do you want to know what your pet is trying to tell you?

One of my clients has a cat that had strange behaviour and was fighting with other cats. A hormonal balancing, communication with all the cats and gems was the answer. Animals are amazingly perceptive because we work with energy. They accept healing and adapt immediately.

Do you want to help your pet live a better, healthier life?

With Solomonic Vortex Balancing we can determine where the priority of an underlying issue is in a human and animal, and heal it if that is for the highest good of the individual, or determine which other solutions can be sought.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that your pet is happy and healthy? Or why it’s not?

“The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality.”

― Arthur Schopenhauer, The Basis of Morality


“I cannot thank you enough for helping me understand my 4 amazing dogs. Knowing about their compassion and joy has made me love and enjoy them even more. Apart from that, I also would like to thank you for the peace of mind the messages you brought to me about the little dog. The insights and help this information made possible are truly profound! 

I am happy to report that all are doing well! ☺

Thank you once again and may you be blessed in your work “ 

M. Steyn De Klerk

I contacted Anita in two different cases. In both cases her approach  was holistic and professional. I needed guidance on a horse and a dog I felt needed some therapy. In both animals I  could sense a change in behaviour  and the way they previously acted.

I would recommend Anita to assist your animal to help them and you understand each other better. J.E.

I can help your animals with the following Healing Modalities:

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