“The Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything you want, you already are.” - Rumi

“Shefa” means healing, flow, and the symbol in its highest profound meaning, a tool for creating abundance, “A Divine goodness of flow that comes from a higher plane.”

Meet Your Healers

We are four passionate light beings here to help, guide, and heal you on your journey.

“Healing yourself is the greatest contribution you can give to the world.” 

The ripple effect of healing yourself, you heal the world. By taking care of yourself, you take care of everything that is alive: animals, plants, humans, and minerals.

How we can help you when your heart yearns for healing:

    • To simply feel better.
    • To feel good and alive.
    • Divine Oneness
    • Have a quiet and still mind.
    • Trust your inner guide and wisdom.
    • To know who, what and why you truly are.
    • To connect with your soul.
    • Tap into soul mission.
    • To help you to transform disharmony into a harmonious inner world.
    • Lost to connected.
    • Bewildered to a place of inner peace and inner knowing.
    • From a place of emptiness to a place filled with the richness and fullness of life.
    • To have Bliss.
    • Raise your vibrational frequency.
    • To stand powerful and stay focused in uncertain times.
    • A sacred place of belonging.

The Shefa Healing Centre is a virtual/online sanctuary where humans and animals can rest, heal, and remember who, what and why they truly are. In other words, “Living from the essence of your being.“

In our truth, we are created to shine our light, to radiate unconditional love, to have vibrant health, to be in harmony from the inside-out, to live a joyful life, have an abundant flow, and to know that we are already whole, and complete.

We have deviated from our true essence due to our conditioning, trauma and guidance into the direction of intellectual knowledge instead of Self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is the key to freedom, happiness, and the fullness of life.

You cannot touch the depths of another until you have touched the depths of your Soul. To achieve the deep and lasting love of another person, you need to first experience the depth within yourself – an inner core that doesnt change with time or events.” – Rabbi T. Freeman.